Saving Banksy

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“Saving Banksy” is the story of one misguided art collectors attempts to save a Banksy painting from destruction and the auction block. Featuring some of the world’s top street artists, this film poses the question “What would you do if you owned a million dollar painting that the artist doesn’t want sold?”

A documentary about the legality, politics, and ethics of removing street art from the street, and what happens once you have a giant unauthenticated Banksy stored in your bedroom closet” - Vandalog

Saving Banksy focuses on the street artist’s oblique relationship to the art market –an anonymous artist whose public works aren’t for sale. Or are they? This documentary would read like an international art heist picture if the outrageous profiteering on display was actually illegal. – Burnaway

Saving Banksy delivers insightful dialogue that challenges attitudes around the interplay of art and ownership. - Channelnonfiction

Certified 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!

Certified 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!